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We do it right. We do Sustainably. 

Water Heater


Repair & Replacement

Water heaters, facet drips, toilet installations, fireplace, gas, natural gas propane, garbage disposals... you name it, we fix it.

New Construction

New Construction
& Remodels

We have the experience and the team to ensure a successful project wether it's your dream kithen or bathroom remodel or a multi unit development.

Water heater


Radiant Heat is a wonderful clean and efficiant option for your home.  We will provide a free estimate for the heating system that will work with your home design.

SRP is all about about water conservation & energy efficiency.

New Construction

Large Scale & 
Multi-Unit Projects

SRP has worked on large developments on both domestic plumbing and radiant heat. We recently completed a high profile green build project in Marin county.

Rain Water
& Grey Water

California's drought is scary, we have to act now to protect and conserve our precious water. SRP's water conservation experts make doing your part easy. We design and install state of the art water conservation systems .



A more affordable alternative many homeowners consider is pipe lining. At Steven Raffaini Plumbing, a trusted, family-owned business serving Sonoma County, we work with homeowners daily to resolve their plumbing problems. One of the newer and more popular services we offer is trenchless pipe lining. While it may not be the best choice for every situation, it can save you a considerable amount of money compared to traditional pipe replacement.

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